Men of Valley Praise (MVP)

MVP is a men’s ministry focused on connecting the men of valley praise with the community while participating in fellowship, prayer and devotionals.


Women are invited to join Unique, a ministry which will empower and encourage the women of Valley Praise to be strong in the Lord. Unique meets every last Saturday of the month.

Grow Groups

Grow Groups, small groups, Bible study group… They have lots of different names but are basically all the same. Grow Groups are friends that you grow laugh and serve with. Each of our Grow Groups differ in many ways but all will do four main practices together:

  1. Meet regularly to study HIS Word together
  2. Pray for HIS church, HIS people, and our community together
  3. Do life together
  4. Move Out together – Each group will support a missions project of some sort together

Our Grow Groups are people drawn together by common interest, a specific topic or activity, or a particular demographic. Grow Groups are designed to empower the people of Valley Praise to build relationships, community and a continued walk towards Christ. Whether you are reading through the Bible together, reading a book together, or counting calories together, this is a place where life change happens. Find a Grow Group, or ask us how you can start your own, and begin growing in your relationship with God and His church.