At Valley Praise our vision is to be a church of “transformed lives in Jesus, transforming lives!” Our mission is that we will serve God and people with all that we have so that all of the valley will be transformed in Jesus.

Discipleship involves a ministry of outreaching love and witness to others concerning Christ and God’s grace. Discipleship also calls the Christian to ministries of servant hood and service to the world to the glory of God and for human fulfillment.

Discipleship is also about personal spiritual growth using disciples such as fasting, prayer, giving, journaling, fellowship, (to name a few) as a means to increase our faith and growth as a follower of Jesus.

Below you will find some crucial tools to help with your discipleship.


SOAP Bible Study Method – Utilize this method to greatly enhance the time you spend in God’s word. Save the image below to your device, or download the pdf: SOAP Bible Study Method

SCRIPTURE STUDY PLAN – This 35 day scripture study plan is tied with our sermon series “Come Together” : Un Hambre, Bound, Spurs, Compass, Come & Go. Save the image below to your phone or download a pdf of the plan here: Come Together Scripture Study Plan