Welcome to VP Kids

At VP Kids, where children ages birth through 5th grade are immersed in God’s word. We create an atmosphere of fun and friendship where your child can learn about Jesus!

Birth through age 4
Pre K - 2nd grade
3rd - 5th grade


VP kid’s classes meet at the same time as our main services. So, while you are enjoying your worship and teaching, your children are experiencing God at their own pace!


All VP kid’s classes receive age appropriate Bible lessons that are presented in a way that is fun, memorable and allows your child to engage and learn in God’s word. Every class start out and finishes with child-friendly praise and worship songs. Children also engage in a time of prayer and are encouraged to fill out prayer requests of their own. Each interactive lesson is part of a series that builds their knowledge and understanding of how to be a Child of God in today’s world.

Safety & Security

Every VP kid’s Serve Team Member in the classrooms is 18 years or older and completes a youth training and a background check. We also provide a secure computerized check-in / check-out system that identifies each child with a unique code. You and your child will receive matching tags that allow only you to pick them up after service.

Classroom doors are locked at the beginning of service for security. If you arrive late or need to get to your child during the service, a Serve Team member will be happy to assist you. You can relax knowing your child is in good hands in an exciting and secure environment.